Exit Planning for Business Owners

eXITS LLC a Denver based exit planning consultancy provides an established approach to helping owners of closely held companies tax optimize and cash maximize the transition and exit from their businesses -- when they choose and on their terms.

This is accomplished by following The Seven Step Exit Planning System™, developed and refined over the past 30 years. Our system delivers financial peace of mind to every client - through personalized and customized exit planning solutions.

The time to start planning the transition or exit from your business is now because the longer you wait... the less leverage and exit planning options you'll have.

The bottom line is working together with the eXITS team you'll save time and money because we help develop and coordinate your entire exit planning process using only experienced professionals.

I'd like to gift to you an authoritative book on the subject of exit planning to help you discover your options and provide a list of critical questions you must ask yourself to make wise business and financial decisions for your future.