Professional Advisors

Ken Stiefler, CExP™

Certified Exit Planner

Dear Fellow Advisor,

Whether you are aware of it or not, your business and your client's business will be dramatically impacted by the largest transfer of wealth America has ever seen.

If you don't see the economic impact the aging Baby Boomers will have on our economy over the next
3 to 10 years as they rush to leave their businesses by the thousands in pursuit of their dreams and retirement, it will cost you, and your uninformed clients many thousands of dollars.

A Wealth Transition Tidal Wave Is Breaking Now!

"Will You Lead Your Business Owner Clients To Safety, Have Them Thank You For It AND Get Paid In The Process -- Or Will You Leave Them To Suffer Unnecessary Financial Loss & Miss A BIG Opportunity?"

"There is a business transition "tsunami" coming as the entrepreneurs from the 1980's approach retirement starting now and continuing on for the next fifteen years.

There are approximately 9.2 million owners of the roughly 7 million U.S. small businesses that are considered established, and over half (4.6 million owners) are at least 50 years old.

As this entrepreneurial baby boom begins to plan business transitions and to make related decisions, they are likely to swamp the existing business valuation and brokerage resources.

Many owners who should already have put in place retirement, income and equity protection, and estate plans reflecting the value of their business -- have delayed doing so.

Our research shows that a major factor in this delay is the perceived difficulty and costs of getting objective information about their choices."

- Roger Winsby, President of Axiom Valuation

This creates both an obligation and an opportunity for you.

An obligation for you to inform your business owner clients about the fast approaching tsunami wave of Baby Boomers wanting to cash out of their businesses. And an opportunity to provide them with proven effective services and solutions they need today.

Valuable information and services proven to dramatically help maximize the salability and value of their business when they choose to transition or exit from their business.

The timing for this incredible opportunity could not be better.

That's why I'm looking to collaborate with other seasoned professionals including CPA's, Lawyers and Bankers and financial advisors to help reach the vast majority of uninformed business owners who stand to lose much of the equity they've built up in their business when they decide to exit.

Why Should You Consider Joining The eXITSTM Network of Expert Advisors?

Here are the biggest reasons you'll benefit from being a part of my team...

  • You'll be doing the right thing for your clients. By introducing them to the EXITS® planning process, you could help them leave their business with potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars more cash in their pocket.
  • You'll help with the EXITS® Planning process. You'll have access to a finely tuned system, so you don't need to re-invent the wheel each time.
  • By being a key part of the EXITS® planning process, you'll have a better chance of representing the new business owners.
  • You'll have access to a qualified team of professionals, who won't interfere with your core business.
  • You'll have access to a wealth of training and marketing material.
  • You'll learn how to increase your income by attracting new high quality clients.
  • Unlike most other Advisors, you'll "lock-in" your clients - they'll not risk upsetting their plans by switching Advisor's.
  • And most importantly, you'll learn how to position yourself as the resource for your retiring clients .

Plus much more.

And, remember, I'm not charging you anything for this.

In short, our goal of working together is to help you approach, present and engage qualified business owners using Exit Planning, identify their Exit Objectives, create and implement their personal Exit Plan, and assist them with the transfer of their company. Ultimately resulting in increased value for your clients and revenues for you.

For details on how you can get involved (regardless of your qualifications or Exit Planning experience) to help your clients, learn more about our team and how we work together with Professional advisors pick up the phone and dial (303) 321-3970 to speak with Founder and President of eXITS Ken Stiefler CLU, ChFC, CExP™.

Both you and your clients will be glad you did.

I look forward to your call,

Ken Stiefler, CLU, ChFC, CExP™
President eXITS LLC